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Laser Tattoo Removal

Remove unwanted tattoos

It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but things can change. Tattoos don't need to be a life time commitment, remove it with laser tattoo removal. 

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Caci has the ability to remove tattoos using the Medlite-4 laser. If you want to lose that tattoo you acquired in your youth or any other unwanted tattoos - then this treatment is for you.

What is the Medlite - 4 laser?

The Medlite-4 laser has been used internationally for many years, with a proven record of excellent tattoo removal. Selected Caci clinics have been using this laser system for at least 10 years with thousands of satisfied clients. We maintain strict protocols for the use and treatment of this laser so you can be confident that you are receiving the very best treatment.

How does the treatment work?

A safe high energy light beam is pulsed directly onto the tattoo, targeting the ink. This action shatters and fragments the ink into minute particles, which the body’s immune system then gradually absorbs and eliminates over a period of time. The individual treatment time for smallish tattoos can take just a few minutes, larger multiple coloured ones take longer.

The process can be quite lengthy and varies depending on the amount and colours of the ink. In order to gain the greatest benefit we allow a 6 week period between treatments. It is important to understand that you will need more than one treatment for total tattoo removal.

What will my tattoo look like post treatment?

Skin responses can look quite dramatic for the first few treatments when the ink is most obvious. Responses can range from mild redness to dramatic inflammation and swelling. Blisters can occur, and need to be managed correctly. You will be given a strict homecare regime and advice.

Over time the tattoo will fade. In most cases we can remove up to 95% of the ink, but ultra modern bright colours are more difficult to deal with.*

Tattoo Removal is available at the following Caci locations:

  • Caci Palmerston North
  • Caci Merivale (Christchurch) 


*Results can vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.