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Caci Thorndon

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Welcome to Caci Thorndon

With a loyal and committed staff of several years at the Caci Thorndon Clinic, Wellington. You’ll find a Team in every sense of the word. From Beauty therapists and Registered Nurses to enthusiastic Admin staff, all of the team are true professionals and are here to look after you. With such a broad range of clinical experience, the Team at Caci Thorndon successfully operate in the middle ground between Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Therapy, providing a range of specialised beauty solutions to our clients all in one convenient location.

We specialise in the following results driven treatments: 

  • Skincare
  • Corrective skin treatments: Microdermabrasion, VPL, Collagen Induction (also known as Dermal Rolling), Fractional Laser
  • Laser hair removal
  • Appearance medicine: Botox and Dermal Filler (Juvederm)
  • Fat reduction
  • Beauty Therapy

Clinic Address

Level 1 177 Thorndon Quay Thorndon Wellington 6011

The Team

Amanda Rutten - Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

As well as being an experienced registered nurse, Amanda offers the benefit of being a fully qualified beauty therapist. Amanda's appearance medicine skill and gentle touch is always commented on and she puts her clients at ease with her friendly nature.

Jodi - Receptionist

Our dynamic receptionist and assistant manager Jodi, has over 10 years' customer service experience and is passionate about offering great service to all our clients.

She loves the results-driven nature of all Caci treatments and products; her personal favourites are the Caci Non-Surgical Facelift treatment and Murad’s Hydrating Toner. 

Shelley - Beauty Therapist

Shelley specialises in Microdermabrasion, Electrolysis, the Caci Non-surgical Facelift and specialist facials."I enjoy my job at Caci immensely. I have the rewarding opportunity to help clients learn about and to care for their skin. The reward comes when a client mentions how great they look and feel, and that their self confidence has returned."

Jenna - Beauty Therapist

Jenna has been in the beauty industry for 7 years, with 5 of those working on board cruise ships all over the world. Jenna is passionate about skin and loves that Caci has so many amazing treatments to offer for amazing results.

Her favourite treatment is Photo Rejuvenation since she has seen so many mind-blowing results from this advanced skin treatment. She highly recommends it to anyone who wants an even complexion or is looking to reduce their pigmentation.

As for Murad products, she believes they are all cutting edge but can’t rave more about the Advanced Radiance Serum.

Helen - Treatment Coordinator

Joining Caci Thorndon in 2016, Helen has 18+ years in cosmetics and skincare retail management behind her.

As someone who cares deeply about how people look and feel about themselves, Helen is passionate about giving women the means to be who they want to be.

Queza - Registered Nurse

Queza is our injectables and laser nurse. She comes from an appearance medicine background and before that, was a passionate age care nurse before joining the team at Caci Throndon.

Queza loves working with her clients to achieve best results and her favourite treatment is Botox since the smallest amount can make a big difference to someone’s appearance and confidence. 

Hannah - Registered Nurse

Background Experience:
I was a Beauty Therapist for six years and then a Mental Health Nurse for five years. I’ve always loved the beauty industry and knew I’d be back eventually.

Favourite treatment:
My favourite treatments are Juvederm (especially enhancing lips) and Chillsculpt, as I compete in Body Building competitions. I’m really passionate about health and fitness and I love seeing people’s confidence grow when they look after transforming their bodies, Chillsculpt really fits into this.

Favourite Product:
Murad Daily Renewal Complex and White Brilliance Luminous Essence.

Mike - Clinic Owner

Georgia - Beauty Therapist

Background Experience:
I’ve wanted to be a Beauty Therapist since I was twelve years old. Being a previous client of Caci I loved the treatments and how I was treated there. I’ve always wanted to work for Caci, this has been my goal.

Favourite Treatment:
The treatments I love doing are electrolysis and hair removal. A treatment I love for myself is Microdermabrasion. I enjoy the girls that I work with, they are so knowledgeable and great at what they do. And I also love the clients, they’re always so nice.

Favourite Product:
Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum.

Jennifer - Beauty Therapist

Background Experience:
Fully trained Beauty Therapist. Specialises in aromatherapy, relaxology and pressure point massage.

Favourite Treatment:
I love all the treatments. I’m really passionate about beauty overall and just adore massage and facials.

Favourite Product:
Murad Essential C and White Brilliance ranges.

Tanya - Beauty Therapist

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